Start a moving expense book.  Some of your expenses may be tax deductible, so save your receipts.

  Get written estimates from a least two moving companies and make sure the movers know all the items included.  Don't include jewelry or small valuables.  Ask for references.

  Movers' insurance is usually minimal.  Check that the mover's insurance will pay replacement cost of goods which are lost.  You may need to purchase additional coverage.  Notify your own insurance company of the move and ask for the policy to be reviewed.

  If furniture is to be stored, what does the insurance policy cover?

  Get a written commitment from the moving company confirming the move date and the time of arrival.

  Don't be misled by rates - inquire about additional charges and methods used to compute time.

  Contact Bank Manager.  Arrange for the transfer of all accounts, personal loans, pre-authorized cheques, etc. if required.  Establish new accounts with letter of introduction and order new cheques.

  Register your change of address with the post office and obtain a supply of change of address cards.

 Begin mailing change of address cards.  Keep a list of cards sent.  Don't forget to notify magazine & credit card companies.

 Inform gardening and newspapers and other home services and arrange for service at your new address.

  Resign or transfer any clubs and memberships.

  Arrange for the transfer of medical, dental, prescription and optical records.

  Change the address on drivers licenses effective the day of the move.

  Cancel or transfer rental agreement for water heater.

  Arrange for cancellation or transfer of home and property insurance.

  Arrange for disconnection and new hook up for telephone and cable TV.

 Arrange for the electricity and gas utility companies to read meters on appropriate date and forward final bill to your new address.

  Book freight elevator if you are moving in or out of an apartment.

   Take a good look at what is worth taking and what is not.  Be ruthless.

   Have a garage sale.  Get rid of all the junk you don't need to take.


  Start packing.  Keep an inventory list.  Mark the contents on each of the boxes.  Make two copies of the contents list for each box.  Keep one with your inventory lists, put the other inside each appropriate box before you seal them up.

  Return all items that you have borrowed, get back what you have loaned.


  Prepare a list of items you want to take with you personally such as jewelry and valuable items.

  Dismantle and/or unfasten anything that requires it.

  Confirm booking for the freight elevator.

  Confirm booking for the moving company.

  Defrost and air dry the deep freezer.

  Dispose safely of all flammable products. It is illegal for movers to transport them.


  Do your last laundry.  disconnect and drain washer.

  Disconnect, defrost and air dry the fridge.

  Protect delicate furniture with thick coat of wax.

  Check that all valuables have been accounted for.


  Lead packers around the house and make sure they understand all of your instructions.

  Make sure to gather ALL keys for the new owners.  (Don't forget garage and shed keys)

  Change security system code to something simple like 1-2-3-4-5. so you can feel free to use your old code at the new house.

  Pack personal items & label  "Do not load - For Car"


  Lay down plastic sheets to minimize dirt in the house.

  Do a final check for forgotten items.

  Check movers Bill of Lading against your inventory.

  Clearly label and leave all spare keys, and the code for the security system if you have one, inside the house.

  Make arrangements for the moving of your pets.


  Get to house before the movers.  Arrange to take milk, bread, coffee, tea, etc. with you.  It will be a long day.

  Verify utilities have been turned on & record readings.

  Lay down plastic sheets to minimize dirt in the house.

  Note any damage.  You won't be able to check goods which have not been unpacked so above your signature on the Bill of Lading write: "subject to loss or hidden damage.

  First priorities include the children's rooms, TV, and a basic kitchen

  Seeing as you have not yet unpacked, go out and have a nice dinner.  You deserve it!


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